What Does Patchouli Smell Like {Top Patchouli Perfumes}

It is the time to take an amble through the Far East market. A location where the chatter of merchants and sweet melodies of the strange instruments drift through the air. The tea houses bustle with individuals, piles of perfuming, and yes! You guessed it right; it is Patchouli. Want to know what Patchouli smells like? Is it worth it or not? Then read the article till the end.

The patchouli has made an incredible comeback due to massive popularity; there are high chance that you might have seen perfumes with Patchouli.  

The patchouli perfume is defined as a heavy one made from the pleasant smell of the fragrant essential oil of southernmost Asia. So, if you are having oriental thoughts and you are eager to know more about patchouli then have a look at the points mentioned below.

What Is Patchouli?

The perfume that smells like Patchouli is one of those scents that numerous people have heard about. It is pretty famous, and multiple manufacturers are creating products like feminine and masculine fragrances.

The Patchouli scented perfumes are dark and robust, but it is a cheerful little bushy herb that is 2.5ft in height. Moreover, it blooms the valley with pink-white, light purple flowers in the fall. Usually, it thrives in warm climates like moist tropical and subtropical climates.

What Is Patchouli

The best patchouli fragrance was originated from Southeast Asia. Later on, due to the massive popularity of the perfume, the cultivation begins in Malaysia, India, South America, the Philippines, China, and Indonesia.

Rare people are aware of the fact that patchouli leaves are used as spice or tea sometimes. But it is most commonly used in perfumery and incense. Once the leaves are harvested, the patchouli oil smell is extracted from the plant’s leaves by fermentation or steam.

Does Patchouli Smell Good? 

Patchouli perfume has an incredibly intense aroma combined with earthiness and musk; it is also minty and sweet. It smells like a bit of wet or cold soil and a dark basement. One of the greatest parts about such oil is the tiniest amount goes a long way.

Now probably, you must be wondering how to wear patchouli oil. The patchouli oil can be easily worn alone as a single-note scent or fragrance. It is often combined with multiple other famous base notes like frankincense, cedarwood, sandalwood, vetiver, or myrrh.

There are multiple women’s perfumes with Patchouli, as the fragrance is used as the fixative to extend the life of several volatile fragrance notes. Here we are indicating notes like rose, jasmine, bergamot, and citrus.

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Is There A Perfume That Smells Like Patchouli?

Numerous manufacturers have tried performing multiple experiments to form the most pleasant and incredible fragrance with Patchouli. Now, most of you must be thinking that single Patchouli smells awful, but actually, it isn’t true.

It does have a strong fragrance, but the scent or perfume formed with Patchouli smells terrific. We have prepared a list of it as well, take a look at the following points: –

1#) Patchouli Pure: Etro Patchouly 

Patchouli Pure Etro Patchouly

If you are fond of what Patchouli smells like and willing to get the pure scent experience, then begin with essential oils; it will be beneficial for you to try Etro patchouli. This is one of the most popular and earthy natural Patchouli that gives users some freshness through notes of Artemisia and bergamot.

On the other hand, the amber and cypress are giving it elegance. No one of them is diminishing the strong, timeless Patchouli as it is perfect for real patchouli lovers.

2#) The sweet patchouli: L’Artisan patchouli patch 

If you want to get perfumes with Patchouli in them, then you should grab your L’Artisan’s patchouli patch, which is a unisex fragrance. This bottle opens up an incredible dose of Patchouli, and it does have multiple top notes.

After the top notes wear off the unique fragrance blossoms, here you are going to notice the elegant reimagining of Patchouli with soft florals, light spices, and creamy woods.

3#) Earthy Patchouli: Montale Patchouli Leaves 

Is Patchouli a masculine scent? No, it’s not, but several developers create fragrances for both men and women. But Montale Patchouli Leaves has implemented something different.

They are offering the buyers with unisex scent with the earthy Patchouli and sweet rugged. The Montale patchouli has a luscious and rich fragrance that feels like a long walk in Mother Nature; it is deep and pensive.

4#) Floral Patchouli: Tom Ford While Patchouli

If you have positive answers about what Patchouli smells like, you should give a g to Tom Ford’s white Patchouli. This is the scent that is a profound mixture of Patchouli with white flowers in Tom Ford along with white Patchouli.

The smell is so sophisticated, and it is the perfect blend of perfumes for women, but people prefer it as a unisex scent. The ideal projection and great sillage make it a versatile and elegant fragrance that is perfect for multiple occasions, and you can wear it in summer as well.

Why Do People Wear Patchouli?

The patchouli smell is proficient in treating respiratory problems and helps people to relax their minds. It can help you experience the soothing vibes in the aura, and the essential oil made with Patchouli is the perfect thing to opt for it.

Why Do People Wear Patchouli

This oil can help you to repel insects easily and augments hair and skin health issues. Due to these reasons, more people have preferred using patchouli essential oils to get remarkable benefits.

Why Do Hippies Prefer Patchouli? 

The patchouli oil is made from the plant named Pogostemon cablin. It belongs to the mint family, and its native places are tropical Asian countries like China, India, Malaysia, and more.

Few experts suggest that the solid and pleasant smell of patchouli oil was used by hippies to mask the smell of marijuana they have used before.

How To Use Patchouli Oil?

To get elevated or harmonize the mood, you should apply 2-3 drops of patchouli oil to your neck or temples. You can use it in a diffuser as well, that entirely depends on your choice. Moreover, such excellent oil offers amazing skincare benefits as you can easily add it to your daily facial routine. 

Does Patchouli Smell Bad?

The smell of Patchouli is typically described as the perfect blend of woody, sweet, earthy, and musky scents. The patchouli smell is like pure patchouli oil, which is strong and slightly sweet yet spicy.

Both men and women love wearing such fragrances as it is long-lasting and they find it pleasant. The aroma of Patchouli has been elaborated as an intoxicating scent that smells like wet soil.


The patchouli fragrance is sweet yet strong, but it is quite long-lasting as the tiniest amount of it will last all day long. Moreover, it is offering the users multiple benefits that make it versatile enough to be considered.

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