What Does Vetiver Smell Like [Woody or Earthy?]

From everything related to candles to perfumes, vetiver is a very common ingredient. However, only a few people know about the vetiver smell, which is not as popular as other fragrances such as leather or vanilla. So are you among those who are curious to know what vetiver smells like?  Vetiver’s long history and unique … Read more

How To Make Perfume From Flowers: Easy Guide

A great scent might have a hundred different elements, but sometimes keeping things simple is just as pleasant. While detailed top notes, middle notes, and base notes may be used to create fragrances, a subtle water-based flower perfume aroma is refreshingly straightforward and the perfect present for a romantic at heart. A Handmade scent that … Read more

What Does Violet Smell Like (Guide 2024)

Violet is currently considered a reasonably inexpensive, simple, and vintage smell. However, the most often asked question is what does violet smell like? It may be regarded as dated now that it has been around so long. Still, violet’s remarkable ability to dull one’s sense of smell was significant in its initial appeal. Violets are … Read more

What Does Geranium Smell Like?

Geranium is a small shrub or herbaceous plant of a genus that consists of cranesbill. It has been one of the most important raw materials in perfumery for centuries now. You might have heard a lot about geranium perfume but do you know what geranium smells like? The colors of the geranium blooms vary from … Read more

6 Best Orange Blossom Perfume [Updated 2024]

Orange blossoms can be a bit confusing as an ingredient. It is a white-colored fragrant flower, blossoming on orange trees ( Citrus Sinensis). Orange blossom is a state flower of Florida, which is highly used in making orange blossom perfume. Fragrance industries extract orange blossom from the white and fresh bitter-orange flowers. These oranges are … Read more