Can You Take Perfume On A Plane: Full Guide

Long flights or sweaty bus rides, will make you take a shower. However, this is something that is not possible while you are traveling. So, the best you can do is to carry perfume with you to avoid any sort of embarrassment. I have come across a lot of people searching for queries like can you take perfume on a plane or can you bring perfume on a plane? 

Well, by the end of this post, we will make sure that you will get all your answers. Apart from that, we will also teach you how you can pack your perfume effectively to avoid leakage or spills.


No doubt that no one is going to tell you how you smell in your vacation pictures but it is important for you as well to feel your best. This is why you cannot think of leaving your cologne whether you are going out on a family or a business tour. 

According to TSA (Transportation Security Administration), it is fine to carry perfume or cologne on a flight. However, this must be done by their rules which are given below. These TSA rules are different for carrying perfume in carry-on bags and checked bags. 

Can you bring perfume in carry-on luggage or a handbag?

This is a very popular query: whether you can take perfume on a plane or not. Well, by following some TSA rules, you can surely carry your liquid cologne in your carry-on bags. You must be careful with these rules if you want to pass the security checkpoint. 


The 3-1-1 rule is given below:

  • The cologne bottle must always be smaller than 100 ml (3.4 oz). 
  • The liquid perfume bottles that you are carrying must be packed in one quart-size toiletries bag along with other liquid creams or gels. 
  • According to TSA rules, each person can only carry one plastic bag. 

The space in your bag is limited, which is why you will only be able to carry 6 to 7 bottles in the toiletries bag. Most perfume bottles have sizes smaller or equal to 100 ml, so there won’t be any issue with following these TSA rules. 

I recommend that if you are going on a short trip, then you don’t have to carry a full-size 100ml cologne bottle with you. Instead of this, you can arrange sample-size perfumes that are perfect to travel with. An alternate option for this is to pour some cologne from your larger bottle into a perfume atomizer. These perfume bottles can hold 70 sprays which is enough for a vacation. 

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Can you bring perfume on a plane in checked luggage?

If your perfume is larger than 100 ml or 3.4 oz, then don’t worry. You can carry your large-sized cologne in the checked baggage. Perfume is not an aerosol, however, it is flammable and is considered dangerous by the FAA. Usually, flammable liquids are banned in checked baggage but there are exceptions for toiletries and perfume is among them. 

This means that there are no limitations on the quantity of cologne that you can carry in checked luggage. However, the toiletries allowance is 2 liters (70 oz) total for each person. Generally, cologne bottles are so small in size that they don’t even come near to this size. 

If you want to import perfumes from some other country, then make sure to declare this prior and pay the taxes if required. Make sure that you are not carrying a quantity of perfume more than 20 x 100 ml bottles. 

Some of the risks that you should be aware of while packing perfume in checked luggage are:

  • The glass perfume bottles could break time and spill into your suitcase.
  • Sometimes your cologne bottles could be stolen by baggage handlers or TSA screeners.
  • Even your entire suitcase can be misplaced or lost by the airline services. 

Hence, we highly recommend you carry your expensive perfumes in the carry-on luggage to keep them safe. In case you want recommendations on which perfume you can carry for your vacations then check out- HONEY PERFUME and ORANGE BLOSSOM PERFUME.


Perfume is considered a normal liquid according to the TSA rules. If you are carrying perfume in your handbag, then make sure that each of your perfume bottles has a size smaller than 3.4 oz (100 ml). Your handbag has got enough space to carry at least 6 to 7 bottles of 100 ml each.

There are no limits as such on how much quantity of perfume you can carry in checked luggage. However, according to the TSA rules, the total quantity of toiletries that each person can carry is 2 liters (70 oz) and this is a lot. 



Have you been collecting sample-size perfume to carry with you on vacations? Well, that’s a perfect option because those little plastic bottles won’t spill in your luggage. You can also fill your favorite colognes in these small-sized bottles for your convenience. One small bottle of cologne is enough for a vacation of a few weeks. 


However, proper care is required when you are carrying your original cologne glass bottle. If you don’t pack your perfume properly, then it may spill in your bag. This will ruin all the stuff that you packed in your bags such as clothes, electronics, or food. Everything will smell like your perfume after that, which is hard to get rid of. 

Follow the below steps to pack your perfume nicely to avoid spills: 

  • The first step is to make sure that your cologne bottle is sealed properly. 
  • Carry a separate zip bag and put all your perfume bottles in it. Seal the zip-lock bag tightly. You can also use two zip-lock bags for extra safety. One cool trick to seal the bag is to suck out the air from the zip bag with your mouth to create a vacuum. 
  • In case you don’t have a zip bag at the moment, then you can wrap your perfume bottle in some cloth as well. Avoid placing them in the corners of your luggage and place them near some soft object. 
  • If you are carrying your colognes in carry-on bags, then you can seal them with your other toiletries. Wrap all of your toiletries in some cloth and place them in some soft corner of your handbag. 

To sum up

We all need to get prepared before going on some holiday. Everyone wants to look and feel their best while they are on a trip. Perfume is something that makes you feel fresh and alive. So, it is a must-have in your stuff list that you are carrying on your trip.

It is genuine that if you are traveling on a plane with perfume for the first time, then certain questions can arise in your mind such as can you take perfume on a plane? and if yes, then how much quantity of it you can carry. Well, we tried to give answers to all your questions. Hope you find this article informative enough.

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